Functional Fashion

NOTEX is a thoughtful wristband design that’s more than a funky fashion statement- it’s also a helpful tool that allows visually impaired individuals identify paper money. Designed exclusively for the people of India, the steel slap band features four kinks arranged according to the difference in the lengths of Indian rupee bills, which lack Braille or any other tactile identification. Simply snap it off and line the bills up with the end to make out the money and then snap it back on – genius!

Designer: Charandeep Singh Kapoor


  • pankeki says:

    I don’t know if it’s that necessary to have as wristband…?

  • Steve says:

    Is the money concealed by the band? Why show it as a money holder and then not show any photos with the money on the wrist?

  • ReDplaneT says:

    for.. blind a business street?

  • charandeep says:

    Hi Pankeki, the reason for making a wristband money measuring device was making it available immediately when its required.

  • charandeep says:

    Hi Steve, Money is not concealed by the band in any way. It is just used by visually impaired people of India to measure money over its surface, in a similar way we use a scale for measuring stuff. After use the band can be worn like a normal slap wrist strap.

  • Wristbands says:

    Great and innovative idea…. Awesome…

  • jecson says:

    Great and informative post..

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