HMM Ballpoint Pen exudes confidence and stability in a fast-changing world

The world has changed radically in the past two years, but one of the things that have remained constant is the need for a reliable and comfortable writing tool exemplified by this distinctive pen.

It almost seems as if we’ve moved to a purely digital realm, with many of our documents and IDs already available in computers, phones, and the cloud. Styluses like the Apple Pencil even make short work of signing documents or sketching ideas with digital ink. Like it or not, it’s impossible to get rid of paper and, consequently, the pen that leaves its mark on it. Some people see pens as trivial, disposable tools, while others regard them as something that should last almost for eternity. The HMM Ballpoint is of the latter, and its design clearly shows it.

Designer: HMM Project

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Most designer pens come in smooth, cylindrical shapes, glossy finishes, and golden accents here and there. These pens look luxurious and well-refined, delicate, and reserved to be used on special occasions only. In contrast, the HMM Ballpoint pens look raw, almost to the point of being primal. And yet, there’s an ironic beauty in seeing the unbridled power of the pen in its natural form.

The pen comes in two finishes, with RAW exhibiting that naked form best. Its surface is artificially aged through vibration polishing, giving it a well-worn look as if it has seen all the battles between your mind and the blank sheet of paper before you. GUN metal, on the other hand, looks a bit more polished thanks to military-grade hard anodizing, but it still has that aura of a powerful weapon in your fingertips.

Most pens are depicted as perfect cylinders with smooth surfaces, but closer inspection will reveal how many barrels actually have edges to them. The HMM Ballpoint embraces this wholeheartedly with a dodecagonal body that carries the designer’s trademark form. Together with the pen’s texture, this shape allows the user to hold the pen with more confidence to help banish doubts from their minds.

That sense of confidence extends to the material chosen for the pen, an aluminum alloy that speaks of longevity. Writers who often find themselves mindlessly clicking their pens won’t have to fear breaking this pen easily. The HMM Ballpoint is built the way it looks, not as a delicate and rarely used instrument but as a sturdy, stable, and powerful companion that will stick with you through thick or thin. Or at least for as long as SCHMIDT P900M refills exist.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35