Imagination-Inspiring Chair

Gotta love this awesome kid’s chair by Japanese design firm, h220430! The unique design was inspired by the art of Furoshiki, where all forms of an object are created by wrapping them with a single piece of cloth, and the folding art of Origami where shapes are formed by folding. Flat-pack-ready, the chair arrives as a planar piece to be folded into position by the little one, inspiring their creativity through interaction as they help it come to life! So. Effing. Cool. I need an adult size for myself ASAP!

Because it can be returned to a planar shape, it’s easily storable and transportable. Composed entirely of flexible EVA material, it’s lightweight, durable, recyclable, and capable of being produced in a variety of color options.

Designer: h220430


  • pankeki says:

    oh it’s really cute but I don’t think it’s kids-friendly since it’s awfully black. colored ones would be really cute though uvu

  • ReDplaneT says:

    I agree pankeki said.

    you need, children need to vividi color~!

  • philip says:

    hahaha I actually prefer black color for kids, but want to see that chair in different colors!

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