Trash to Birdy Treasure

InDezign’s TweeTin instantly transforms your old coffee tins into a perfect nesting sanctuary for our feathered friends. Simply clean out your old tins, screw through the bottom to affix them to a vertical surface like a wall or tree, clip on the TweeTin cover and… voila! Composed of flexible, recycled plastics, there are a number of sizes and each is easily to clean so they can be reused year-to-year during nesting season. Makes a great gift – get em here!

Designer: InDezign


  • trimtab21 says:

    Clever idea! Just one suggestion – make the perch removable. It is generally not a good idea to have a perch on a birdhouse because predator birds will use them to wait for the baby birds to stick their heads out – Lunch! Also, the hole size is very specific to the type of bird you want to attract (or exclude).

  • InDezign says:

    Hi trimtab21,

    thanks a lot for your comment and happy you like it!
    Your suggestion regarding the perch is great… I’ll keep it in mind when it’ll be produced.
    For the different hoe sizes we are already thinking about some sort of removeable rings indifferent sizes so customers can decide which type of bird they want to give a birdhouse.
    Hopefully customers will choose for different ones… 😉
    Thanks and best!

  • Luciana says:
    This idea has already been published in the year 2008! But created by another designer!

  • InDezign says:

    Hi Luciana,

    thanks a lot for the information.
    I wasn’t aware of this design when I created mine but I still see a major difference to the one you mentioned.

    Any birdhouse needs to have a front roof due to the following two reasons:
    1) Rain should never ever get into a birdhouse.
    In the design you linked to rain can get easily into the birdhouse while my design secures it.
    2) If a cat, a weasel or any other enemy of a bird waits on top of the birdhouse it should never have the chance to view the hole or grab into it.
    In the design you linked to it would be very easy for any bird’s enemy to catch or grab the bird.

    So, I see my design as an improvement, while I’d also say “great minds think alike” and I like the other design also!
    Thanks and best regards!

  • ReDplaneT says:

    my think..

    I don’t know truth.

    just exposed bottle is dangerous to bird.

    because bad people

    bird need, bottle build height to very high.

    how to build high?

  • Sue Lyn says:

    I would love to be able to pin this on pinterest ,but it says you have no useable pic to pin? if there is a way please let me know would love to share this with my mom on her board “things for mom”

  • Lauren says:

    This is a clever design, so I’m sad to tell you that it’s actually unsafe to use tin cans as birdhouses. They easily collect heat and can cause serious harm to the eggs and chicks inside. For the well being of the birds, please reconsider your product.

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