The Night Gestures

The Night Communication is a solar empowered, LED silicone glove concept that allows people to communicate with gestures even in pitch darkness. Imagine yourself trekking in the woods and there is a considerable distance between you and the others in your party. In situations like this, using common gesture like how we use in scuba diving can help in communicating over the long distance.

These non-slip breathable gloves can be cool accessories even during parties!

Designer: Wang Lili


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Must for:

    Traffic cops,
    school cross guards
    Traffic security.
    Trucking terminals
    For events IE Lakers Game, LA CA
    Parades for PM crowd show up for AM parade
    Military base police
    Hwy workers to route traffic on work projects.
    for early PM sunset hours.
    MedEvacs?? give hand signals for Medical uses

  • Jukah says:

    I hate to be the naysayer, but depending on the perspective and gesture, putting that thin strip around the hand in that position wouldn’t yield the results depicted. It would be pretty hard to distinguish the gesture. For instance, picture and open hand and turn it 90 degrees to the viewer. There isn’t an outline of the hand profile, but just a simple line. The closed fist wouldn’t come close to being that clearly defined. Its a fundamental flaw to this concept that can’t be ignored and I’m not sure how the designer ignored it.

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