5-Days of TouchOfModern Giveaways – Day 5

As promised, the mother of ‘em all is here! We round up the 5-Days of TouchOfModern Giveaways with the stylish Void Watches! TWO lucky winners will be able to proudly show-off a watch that not only looks cool but has distinct functional elements to it! We love TouchOfModern for being the spot where creative product design is showcased and made available at very affordable prices. Hit the jump to know how you can WIN one of the TWO Void Watches.

TouchOfModern is giving away something different on Yanko Design everyday. Today is the last day for the giveaways.

To Win The Void Watch – in Brushed Black & in Brushed Chrome (Two Winners)

  • Tell us, what was the most significant event for you in 2012?


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  • Already a member! Tell us, what was the most significant event for you in 2012?
  • Contest Closes: 10 Dec 2012, 11:59 pm PST
  • TWO Void Watches Will Be Given Away; one in Brushed Black and one in Brushed Chrome

Void Watches

Void Watches have a unique take on watch design using simple yet expressive shapes, giving each watch an architectural expression. Just as a great building is designed for its environment, all Void watches are made to sit perfectly on your wrist.


  • One Thursday at June. I went with a friend to the city in order to surprise 3 (that finally were 4) friends we had in common. So funny 🙂

  • Neutrolid says:

    Today because I get married!

  • Matt says:

    Going to college to pursue a Product Design career that I love.

  • Miles Demars-Rote says:

    In 2012, I finally gained the courage to pick up and walk away from a dysfunctional relationship that was running me into the ground and then moved to one of the best cities in the country and obtained my dream job.

  • Miles Demars-Rote says:

    In 2012, I moved to my most desired city (San Diego) and obtained my dream job (private investigator).

  • NadzAsyraf says:

    I met Kazutoshi Mizuno last week, he’s the Nissan chief engineer. He engineered the R35 GT-R. He came to my country, Brunei Darussalam. I shook his hand & got my GT-R book signed by him as well. And then I saw a picture of me with Mizuno-san in the local newspaper, I was so surprised about that.

    A lot of Skyline/GT-R related things happened to me this year. I rode in a Skyline GT-R for the first time & went for an adventure to search all the hidden Skyline GT-R in the country too.

  • Gal says:

    I got married

  • Amanda Davis says:

    2012 revolutionized my relationship to time. Where a period of intense writer’s block had made watches and clocks anxiety-provoking objects reminding me of time’s uncontrollable slipping away, since August of 2012, I now see them as symbols of my new-found ability to capture and sculpt time to help me accomplish my goals.

  • TJ says:

    The most significant time for me this year was playing the Aggie Theater on Aug 28th with my band. It is the place to play in Ft. Collins and a memory that will forever be great.

  • Theresa J says:

    The birth of my nephew has been the most significant event

  • Jim Young says:

    Launching a weekly live video show (and audio podcast) called Rethink Network.

  • Ale says:

    My best day in 2012 was the day I graduated from Master’s degree and found a new design job!

  • Stephen says:

    Quitting my design job in Chicago and moving my life to San Francisco to pursue a new adventure.

  • Naomi says:

    I was so relieved to see Barack Obama reelected after a particularly nasty campaign.

  • Whitney says:

    Back in May, I held a film festival for the students at the school where I teach. Students were allowed to submit their own short films. The event was held at a local college. The filmmakers were picked up in a limousine and were greeted with a red carpet, live DJ, and lots of yummy food. Over 100 people attended to support these students. It was by far the highlight of my 2012 and perhaps even a highlight of my career as an educator. I look forward to 2013!

  • Tom says:

    Going to the Nantucket Film Festival in June

  • Tom says:

    Going to the Nantucket Film Festival in June and visiting San Jose in August.

  • Andre says:

    I bought my first home at funky suburb near Sydney CBD when I thought I can’t afford it.
    Miracle does happen!

  • Andre says:

    I bought my first home at funky suburb near Sydney CBD when I thought I can’t afford it.
    Miracle does happen!

  • Justin Cobbett says:

    I got married. I’d say that’s what stands out for me.

  • James says:

    My wife and I had identical twin boys.

  • Kenneth says:

    First time making friends that are truly great

  • Adi says:

    The most significant event for me this year was realizing I need to follow my dreams and not my fears.

  • Martin says:

    As cliche as it sound on this kind of site, the most significant event was when me and my friends visited the Umea Institute of Design here in Sweden. We’re developing a toothbrush as our senior project in high school but it ended in a disaster. UID was really amazing with all the tools, LEGO:s and everything. It felt like home even if I probably won’t get the chance ro go there

  • The most significant event of my year would have to be after I got my job as an independent contractor for a firm, when I realized that just because school was over and jobs were hard to come by, I would always be surrounded with support and love. Be it family, pets or friends I was lucky to have these things in my life that made it all worthwhile. My event isn’t a single job, or single night at the bar but a metaphorical party in which everyone I know and love are invited.

  • DSTR-Air says:

    The most significant event of my year was changing to a dreamjob and getting fired because of a lunatic boss! On the upside, I finally have the time to work on all the projects I wanted to do, but didn’t have the time for. The past 4 months have been the most creative of the last couple of years, and I found a way to enjoy life with a lot less money! If i can grand a tip to everyone: do what you love, not what pays the most!

  • Seth Brooks says:

    Most significant event for me was continuing my education in college its been a great ride so far

  • will says:

    I lost my job in November, pretty hard for me.
    One truly knows there friends when you have no money!!

  • Martin Richomme says:

    when i got my drivers license followed by my first internship at Tetra Pak!!!

  • Jenn says:

    My son started college. It was significant for me because it tells me no matter what you may think the future holds there’s always a chance it will turn out much better.

  • Justin says:

    The most significant day of 2012 is when I got my first job out of college.

  • MissT says:

    Meeting my new boyfriend!

  • Brett says:

    Winning one of these watches!!

  • xavs says:

    Most significant event of the year 2012 – Prom Night.
    This day in be year marks the end of a tiring yet unforgettable 12 years of compulsory education 🙂 It also marks the transition of me as a student to a true citizen as the graduation meant the enlistment into the National Service in the army.

  • Joseph says:

    My grandpa’s 100 years old birthday party!!

  • Joseph says:

    My grandpa’s 100 years old birthday party

  • Rosy Jolly says:

    Me getting blessed with a baby girl this year has been the msot significant moment for me.

  • F Yi says:

    The most significant event for me in 2012 was when I received the settlement for the car accident I was involved last year. Because of the accident, I had been through some tough experiences. I ended up received not much from the settlement. However, it made me realized that the valuable thing was that I am still alive and healthy.

  • L Pavaloi says:

    the moment when I got my first job as a designer. that was my 2012 highlight

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