Too Many Coasters Are Not Enough

The lovely holiday season is upon us now, but like Steve Jobs says, god is in details. You have the perfect menu, impeccable crockery and elegant silverware. Did you plan for coasters? Oh well, fret not, we have some really cool ideas for coasters and bottle wraps, have a look.

Bum Bag Drinks Cooler by Steven Smith & James Wosiek [ Available @ YD Store for $10 ]

The bottle drinkers will need this bag; it features reusable foil lined drinks cooler and is designed to look and feel like a brown paper bag. It is actually made from water-resistant & tear-proof Tyvek. Just pop your chilled drink inside the Bum Bag to keep it cool for longer.

Stained Coasters by Yujin Ono [ Available @ YD Store for $20 ]

These really cool permanently stained acrylic coasters based on real stain marks. It won’t come off, but sure to add color to your tabletops next time your friends come by for a drink.