7 Reasons to Get Back into the Kitchen and Cook!

Just like me, you have been hibernating all this winter long, dreading to do the dishes and at the most making some hot cocoa. Well, time to pull up the socks and greet Spring, and bring home the freshness from the woods. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Nigella … move aside, because I give my folks these inspiring implements that can make your innovative recipes a charm! Let’s get back into the kitchen folks!

The first step to cooking is the cleaning; the Anton Strainer Bowl fits in here. It keeps the contents submerged in running water for a while and helps clean away the pesticide. On the flip side, I think it works swell as a pasta strainer; definitely making life a lot easier!

The Curling Pan is for all my lazy friends who hate doing the dishes, this chopping board doubles up as a frying pan! What this means is one less dish to clean … Super!

One of the basic and most important tools of the kitchen is the knife. Not many go splurging on it, but trust me a good, sharp knife helps get your work done faster and more efficiently than blunt one. The WMF Kitchen Knife Concept is crafted from a single piece of metal and promises to cut well.

I still remember my baking class teacher drilling into our head the importance of measuring the ingredients right. Apparently, a simple mistake can cost you a soft, fluffy cake. The Polygons Measuring Spoon is innovative and eliminates the need for multiple measuring units, thus saving space and time. Its super easy to use and very handy.

One of the most challenging tasks while baking is to separate the eggs. The YolkFish is by far, the most fun and functional way to separate your yolks and egg whites. One big gulp by the fish and you are set!

If you are a singleton, then nothing more important than a minimal cook-top, the lesser to work with, the lesser area to clean! The S.I.A.M. fits perfectly into the kitchen and features a built-in hood and induction cooker.

Washed cutlery needs a place to go into, and trust me wiping them dry is a PAIN! The Jumbo is perhaps the cutest way to dry them! This sink-side elephant takes the irritation out of waiting for wet dishes to dry and collects the runoff water while redirecting it back into the sink.