Move Over Tablet

Introducing… Wallet! It’s an all-in-one device that functions as phone, camera, and tablet. Incredibly, it’s merely the size of a standard wallet, but features 3 folding screens in a unique construction that allows them to perform multiple tasks at once or even be combined to stream movies or photo slideshows. But HOW?? You’ll have to check out the video after the jump to see just how this incredible multitasking machine works!

The first screen is formed by two sets: a framework that allows the folding of the entire screen, and an inner screen which can perform a rotation of 180 °, which at its rear part includes a 12.1 Mpx camera with 16x digital zoom and video recording at 1080p HD. In addition, a flash light that improves the quality of photos. On one side is a LED that spares the user from having to open Wallet to check if they have received a call, message or any other notifications. Moreover, this screen also includes a microphone and a speaker for calls, so it can be used without opening it. At the top corner of the frame are connectors for standard 3.5mm headphones to avoid burden when it is used as widescreen and next to it is a power button for easy accessibility.

The second screen has a built-in support in the outer casing made of Technogel. Eventhough this material can be easily bendable, it is also strong enough for the support to carry the entire weight of Wallet. The Technogel is an innovative material invented by an Italian company. Among its many properties are resistance to shocks, large durability and high protection. At the top of the screen is a standard micro USB connector type B which serves to connect any peripherals items (mouse, keyboard, printer, and even a TV). Additionally, it can be connected to a computer to recharge. The connecter is located in a spot where it does not interfere when it is used as a tablet or widescreen.

Designer: Claudia Copersito