iPhone touchkeys become real

Designer Moon Myounghak has made a lovely effort in a very real way (conceptual on the verge of reality) in creating a case that allows the iPhone to become a touchkey phone. WIth the keys this case creates for the iPhone, you’ve got a very physical set of keys accented by a touchscreen that contains five icons across. In other words, this wouldn’t be allowed by Apple as it stands here, but with a hacked iPhone you’d have gold.

Have a peek at what this physical case with real physical buttons would bring you and your iPhone and let us know – would you do it? Do you desire the physical set of keys of yesteryear to keep the iPhone linked to the past? Or could you never, ever keep away from the full touchscreen experience?

Designer: Moon Myounghak


  • Mehmet Sadık says:

    Apple spent millions of dolors to develop this touch screen, in 2012 you made buttons and show us a good idea, interesting.

  • Adagio says:

    This is a neat design. Nice shapes. But I have one problem: why would someone want to shrink his screen? Don’t get me wrong, I really like this design, but it removes the whole idea of a touchscreen. And…how would you view a picture?

  • Alex says:

    I am another one of those crazy people who still want physical touchpads! Have had a touchscreen phone for 2 years and still don’t get how you can possibly type on it efficiently. Being able to feel the keys makes such a big difference. I used to text while driving and did so at like a hundred words a minute… because my fingers knew what keys they were pressing. Can’t do that anymore because I have to stare at my screen, while using 2 hands, while constantly backspacing to fix spelling. I don’t think many other people would buy this kind of product, but I would!

  • Teto says:

    the first intelligent cover that i have seen!! good idea!!

  • Dan says:

    I like the design and concept and totally agree with Alex’s point about how much difference physical buttons make, my only change would be to make the buttons see through, so you could have it on most of the time and still see the whole screen.

  • MARIA says:


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