These Quaint & Adorable Lighting Designs Are Inspired By Japanese Rice Paper Lanterns

Lighting designs are no longer boring and typically designed objects that do nothing but add light to a living space. A well-designed lighting fixture should not only have the ability to illuminate any living space but also add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, adding an attractive and visually soothing element to your home or office space. And, a lighting fixture that we feel would make an excellent addition to your living space is the Meter Lamp by Pholc.

Designer: Pholc

Swedish design brand Pholc teamed up with Danish design duo Maria Bruun and Anne Dorthe Vester to create a pair of lamps that are inspired by Japanese rice paper lanterns. Named One Meter and Half Meter inspired by their taller and shorter heights, the lamps have a statuesque and architectural quality.

The lamps have a unique solid base which is crafted from aluminum, and it perfectly contrasts with the translucent ribbed paper shade above, which emits a soft warm light. “We wanted to create a new interpretation of the classic rice paper lamp,” said Bruun. “A design sharing its lightness and softness but with a solid sculptural base. We explored contrasting materials to create a unique presence and sculptural reference.”

“The designers were given a directive to produce a floor lamp with a height of around one meter that emits a gentle and uniform ambient light,” said Maja Norburg, Pholc’s creative director. “The lamp should also serve as a captivating sculptural piece that sparks curiosity.” One Meter is designed to be used as a floor lamp owing to its height, while Half Meter is ideal to be used as a table lamp. Both lamps are stylish and exquisite, designed to be used as magnificent lighting designs for your home, that add some spark and character to your living space.