Saving The Eyesight

Children are stubborn and they don’t understand that viewing the computer (or TV) screen from too near a distance can affect their eyesight. As a victim of wearing glasses right from the eight grade, I have learnt this the hard way too. So designers Zhichao Xue & Chen Yizi have a very clever solution at hand. Place the I-CARE sensor on top of any screen and it keeps a check on the distance from which a person is viewing the screen. When the distance is less than 50 cm, the screen blurs up, forcing the person to step back for a crystal clear display.

I-CARE uses the human instinct rather than the preaching of the parents, and it can make the children take the initiative to adjust to the appropriate distance, so as to protect their eyes.

I-CARE is a 2012 Liton Award Winning entry

Designers: Zhichao Xue & Chen Yizi


  • Cr. says:

    You can not hurt your eyes sitting too close. That is an urban myth and does not cause people to need glasses.

  • raja sandhu says:

    I think this is so clever. Who’s to say what damage future screen technology may have on the eyes. Besides, it encourages good posture (it would for me anyway). Studies also show we are spending more time in front of
    a computer screen than that
    accounted for in the debunk-the-myth evidence.

    People are
    gullible buying bottled water.

  • Cris says:

    I’m legally blind (since birth) and HAVE to sit that close to a computer screen. This product would not work for me.

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