Buzzworthy Speaker

The Honeycomb Bluetooth Speaker was inspired by the naturally occurring substance’s unique geometric combination of shapes. The result is this wireless, elegantly styled speaker that provides 360 degrees of streaming high quality sound. The outer honeycomb shell is both aesthetically striking and structurally stable, not to mention perfect for delivering crisp sound.

Designer: Zhiqiang Jiang


  • tom says:

    No USB charging/power no deal…

  • Nice speaker idea……does this speaker actually float about 5cm off the ground? or has the render environment not been set up correctly?

    Love the bee theme just work on making sure its not floating in the render environment!

  • leo says:

    I have found it on Monolithelec website

  • Hunter says:

    No; in the first picture on the page, you can see that it has feet.

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