Musical Ears

EarPlay is a set of headphones that integrate an MP3 player into the body. Ot imports music in through the 3.5mm jack or USB ports. Essentially it negates the use of an iPod or its clan. The jacks on the device can be an input as well as output, giving you the freedom to hook up the device to a speaker as well. It even allows you to share music to other headphones.

Designer: Che-Yu Lu


  • Kevin Owens says:

    There could be a small market for this. The special feature about these headphones is that it integrates an MP3 player into the body, allowing you to sync music directly onto the headphones themselves. And the ability to share music with other headphones, although for this to be possible, it would require other headphones to have an input for this, which most don’t. The designer seems to forget the hassle that you will have to charge these headphones, or either place AAA batteries in them, since it is an MP3. The design does not seem to account for the fact that you will have to hook the headphones into a wall or a USB jack to charge them, which could be a turn off.

    But the failure is that it fails to define where it is trying to compete. Is it trying to compete in the MP3 market or the headphone market? If headphones, then people simply are not going to purchase these over competitors like BEATS simply because they have no need for the extra add-ons, charging troubles, and already have an Mp3 type device to play music on. The colors are great, but the design is very stiff, not super attractive.

    If it’s trying to compete in the Mp3 Market, it has no chance, people are not going to heavily debate this in that area, people like visual on screen when it comes to music, they like to see the artist, and the album cover.

    These headphones are unique, but that does not mean a design that will sell. I see what is trying to be done by integrating the MP3 with the device that allows you to here audio, it’s interesting.

    Ability Of Product To Profit: 5/10 – Small market could be there.

    Design: 2/10 – Simply because I’v seen it before, it’s typical.

    Colors: 10/10 – Love it.

    Creativity: 7/10 – I like what your trying to do here.

    Overall: 3.5-5.5/10

  • Joey Lu says:

    HI, very appreciate for your critics, there’re some points I want to make:

    There’re some headphones with an input jack, for example Beats Solo or higher series, but actually I designed this for sharing music during the same headphones – which means those I designed.

    The market is really my failure, I didn’t think enough in this area, simply designed a cool concept which has only a small market that’s all.

    Like I said, I doesn’t really need to compete with the mp3 market because it can be used as a normal headphones, if you really need the visual screen, you can plug this headphone into a normal mp3 player, but again, like I said this still has lots of drawbacks on this, sorry for the non-complete thinking.

    At last, thank you very much for your comments, I like critical comments for my projects more the compliments, especially for the serious comments like yours, thank you.

  • Kevin Owens says:

    I didn’t want to sound to harsh, because I like what your trying to do here, and I know you put in good work, and this is very innovative. But yes, I was thinking that the headphones were designed to share with the same headphone, so I understand that.

    I’m going to follow your designs because, although I may not completely like these headphones, I like how your mind thinks.

    Thank you for the reply, as I really was not expecting it, and I surely was not expecting it, considering my comment was quite harsh.

  • R says:

    I really like this idea. Sharing music, speakers, option to use another MP3 player, great colors and simple design. Kudos on that.

    But, as Kevin said, is this an MP3 player or headphones? Honestly, I’d like this more if it were headphones. I personally like having an MP3 player in my hand with a screen. Make and edit a playlist on the go with ease, search out certain songs that I feel like listening to, and etc. And if the headphone speakers break or the band breaks, my music is gone too. I can imagine how expensive it would be to repair it if it were half an MP3 player.

    Keeping it as headphones with the ability to control your music without always reaching into your pocket would be magnificent AND efficient. A second jack input so another person can plug in their headphones/earphones/speakers would make it even MORE desirable!

    But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  • Holger Vogel says:

    I love this idea !

    There is one important rule for innovators:
    Never do a market research to check an innovative product ! (e.g. nobody – axcept Apple – thought that there is a market for tablet computers …)

    I would really like to buy some of these Ear Plays – please telle me when and where …!


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