Cooking with Balls!

This far-out cooking concept of the future called Throbber uses super-compact, induction heating balls operable via a mobile phone, making it a portable solution that can be used on-the-go. The heat induced in the balls is transferred to the food via conduction from the aluminum surface. Just be careful not to accidentally swallow one!

Designer: Virang Akhiyaniya


  • -anonymous- says:

    Well, like you said, “Be careful not to accidentally swallow one!” This could be avoided if you could make it a bit bigger where this could be seen easily, or change the shape and size making it impossible to even put it in one’s mouth.

  • Beeg says:

    These will become the New Age Ben Wa balls in no time!

  • Please also mention delivery area on Home page of the products shown.

  • Grey says:

    I don’t see the reason for this..

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