Music In My Control

The MusixCube is a hand-held controlling device for a given piece of digital music production software. It is meant for stuff like Ableton Live, Logic, etc. and combines several hardware items, like drum computers and other MIDI controllers. The aim of the project is to keep the music creators away from the computer and literally give them controls in their hands. Interaction between the device and music creating apps is based on the Rubik’s Tower.


  • One or more persons are able to edit and create a certain piece of music alongside each other.
  • The MusixCube is made of forty touch- and pressure-sensitive OLED-screens.
  • By tilting, turning the single segments and other moves, the user can affect parameters, sequence samples and trigger effects.
  • Additionally, you can also create loops and play sounds, which previously have been assigned to the different pads and fx-slots.
  • After arranging some songs, the user can work with at least two cubes for a live performance and to mix their own music.

Designer: Hauke Scholz