Steel and Flower Inspired Lighting

Orchids have long been a symbol of love and beauty and have been grown by enthusiasts in admiration of their elegance. One of these enthusiasts is designer YoungJae Kim who created this design, the Orchid Lamp, in honor of the flower. Following the signature tall form of the orchid, the lamp extends upward but still maintains an aesthetic lightness as it looms over the workspace. In stainless steel and genuine leather, it’s an elegant desktop accent perfect for the professional office.

Designer: YoungJae Kim


  • YD,
    PLEASE advise how I can purchase your Orchid Desk lamp.
    I have tried multiple attempts to contact via various sites etc. What is cost of item & shipping to Philadelphia, PA USA.
    I have not found a lamp that can match this natural & architectural design. Simply beautiful.
    Thank you,
    t: 215-820-6106

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