Product Design Days + Yanko Design RoadShow

When I spoke with Scott Wilson, the force behind Lunatik and Tik Tok watches and asked him about the biggest flaw he saw in Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing platforms, he said finding a dependable manufacturer and a logistical supply chain for the product was the biggest drawback. Essentially, you may have a brilliant design, the seed funding, but no reliable support in the manufacturing process. Here is where Product Design Days and the Yanko Design RoadShow fit into your success story by overcoming this flaw.

Product Design Days is an exhibition and event, which is being held in the Indian metropolitan city of Chennai. Globally connected with the right industry, the aim of the event is to bring together manufacturers and innovative product designers so that they can strike a meaningful business relationship. The event spans over three days, with the main exhibition from November 22 and November 23, 2012.

In easy words, it is an event where product designers get to meet the decision makers from the manufacturing industry. It is the opportunity to meet and network with people who can help you realize your dreams as a designer.

Yanko Design RoadShow

With almost a decade of working closely with designers from across the globe, Yanko Design understands how important it is for designers to strike the right kind of partnerships in order to progress and sustain the business side of design. Yanko Design RoadShow is an exclusive booth where designers can showcase their works and at the same time network with manufacturers in the Small Medium Enterprise segment in India.

A select group of international designers will be able to leverage this offer to participate in the Yanko Design RoadShow. Request an invite by emailing us at [email protected] with “Yanko Design RoadShow” in the subject. Send in your email along with one quality image of each of the products you would like to showcase, remember very limited invites are available so email us right away.

More About Product Design Days

Product Design Days has created an exclusive platform for product designers to meet, interact and transact with manufacturers in the Small Medium Enterprise segment in India. The event offers an opportunity for design firms and professionals to reach out to their target audience, prospective customers and business associates in the most rewarding, innovative and personalized way. This event will be the largest lead generating activity in the country for product design firms.

  • The event also includes a conference and the iDesign Awards.
  • To know more how to participate and get your own stall, head to this link.