Icy Tech

Designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions, Nevero is a portable laser based 3D measurement system for surveying glaciers. The technology warrants an extremely precise scan of fragile climate indicators. With an emphasis on lightness and comfortable portability, the design makes it easier for scientists and expedition crews to walk for miles up mountains to reach the scanning locations.

The device itself is divided into two parts. One is the laser scanner and the other is a bag which the scanner is transported in. The bag is a hard-shell concept based on carbon-fiber to make it as light as possible. It also has side-pockets for the extra storage of additional equipment.

The laser scanner has an integrated tripod which lifts the laser head up to 110 cm. It can be easily assembled with just two buttons for each leg. The laser head itself is protected by a glass that allows a 360 degree scan. The glass, in turn, is protected against damage by a ring of carbon-fiber that slides down when in use. On the backside of the scan device, there is a display for adjustments that is protected by its own keyboard. The link element on the back side is the safety feature that insures that the scanner and the bag are strongly connected and can only be separated by pressing the two big release buttons.

Designer: Carlos Schreib