Perfectly Tipsy

The Hurricane is a fun way to blend and mix your cocktails. Unless you are Bond who likes his Martini shaken not stirred, you can expect this appliance to blend you a mean mojito or a spectacular rum punch. All you need to do is choose your poison and then add in the ingredients as directed. A step-by-step guide is displayed on the screen and it sets the ball rolling for you. Concoct classics like Tom Collins or something new and exotic; just don’t get too carried away with the drinks…that’s all!

Hurricane is a 2012 Electrolux Design Lab shortlisted entry.

Designer: Kuan-ting Ho


  • nyoman says:

    nice concept but quite weak….preparing a cocktail is a kind of “ceremony” unless you want just mix spirit with and juice, looks like there’s a quite important part of the research missing (it would be hard to make a mojito with this appliance)… the way i like how the mixing process is shown.

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