Bauhutte’s special cabinet for storing game consoles, controllers, and titles will get the gamers highly organized

Japanese gaming furniture brand, Bauhutte, basically functions out of there bases: comfort, comfort and comfort. What did I miss? Comfort, allowing gamers to add days and more days to their regular gaming routines. Then whether it’s the Electric Gaming Bed or the Gaming Sofa, everything out of this company’s warehouse is designed to make the gamers addicted and lazier for their liking.

While that’s that. There ought to be a solution that is less about comfort and more about convenience and organizing. Two aspects that are as far from gamers as life outside their consoles. So, Bauhutte has taken some time out from creating ultra-addictive furniture to make us languid, to launch a specially designed cabinet to store game consoles, title, and other items in one place.

Designer: Bauhutte

The table with open shelves looks to have been made using MDF board and is pretty similar to other stationary game console cabinets on the market. Two distinguishing factors: Bauhette’s dark color scheme and the open rack design. The primary layout without a backboard or door considers heat dissipation and ensures your valuable console is well-ventilated at all times.

Although it has a simple design that will never look out of place even if it’s installed in the living room, it is highly functional. Giving an open space for the game console to rest, the specially conceived cabinet for the gamers’ den, has a drawer to stack your titles, controllers, and other accessories that have grown through the years.

The cabinet organizes the gaming equipment neatly which would otherwise pile up on the side of your rig. A side hook has been installed on the cabinet for hanging headsets, etc. This keeps the headies in easy reach, so you can quickly pick them up whenever you want to use and then store it neatly after playing. But what really had the storage cabinet win my heart was its hidden cable box on the back and the ability to team up with an open rack for placing more than one game console. There is no word on the price or the global ability of the cabinet yet, but we are hopeful its coming soon!