A Bottle with a Boost


Sometimes, staying hydrated simply isn’t enough. As any sports star or professional athlete can tell you, the right supplements can make or break your game. The Combo project challenges our preconceptions about the water bottle by introducing an entirely new way to give yourself a boost beyond simple H20.

At the top of the reusable bottle, capsules containing concentrated shots of nutritious ingredients ranging from amino acids to zinc can be inserted. Once in place, users can choose between normal or boosted water and back again, even controlling the duration and amount of the supplement addition. The result? A quenched bod that gets exactly what it needs to perform, sustain and recover!

Designers: Edward Sims & Andrea Ceccaroni






As you begin to drink the capsules, ingredients are drawn into the flow of fluid and mix to create a nutritious boosted water. The concentrate stays in the capsule so you can refresh the water at any time and balance your intake based on what your body needs, without wasting a drop.