Fun with Wide Angle Views

I’m a big fan of fisheye distortion, it’s more visually interesting, tells more about the context of a picture, and it’s so very useful 3d rendering. This “Fun” camera by Jian Guan comes equipped with a 16 mm lens, also mirrored for those great shots of yourself while holding the camera as far away as possible. Taking formal cues from a magnifying glass may seem unnecessary, but I think it does a great job of connecting the function to the shape.

Designer: Jian Guan


  • paula tejano says:

    woow, pretty fun, but i still think that it woul be pretty heavy, not something that i would carry in my pocket…

    • Raxon says:

      paula? do you play counter strike? are you the Paula Tejano that I played with the map de_dust2?

  • Keith says:

    LITEON getting into cameras now?

  • lukas says:

    ah, paula tejano???

  • pouet says:

    finally can see some good ideas on this website!
    nice idea, good design (a bit end of 90’s japanese design 😉 ) and ideal matching concept and function shape. With the expansion of the lomo market or other “fun” cameras, and the low cost of the technology now, I wish to see it on the shelves.

    Keep going!

  • tom says:

    where do i get one, how much do they cost, are they out yet and what are they called?

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