Mean, Clean Machine

Lightness and aerodynamic efficiency are refined to perfection in this single seater concept, the McLaren JetSet. Iconic McLaren styling in the front meets a futuristic backside fit with drag-reducing draped fenders and all. Because there’s no rear seat, the body can taper narrower and lower to further enhance aerodynamics, while ultralight carbon fiber composites in the chassis, body, suspension and wheels keep the 100%-electric car’s weight to a minimum.

Designer: Marianna Merenmies


  • bunjanrevo says:

    goood idea !
    goood design !

  • MDesigns says:

    Yes, it is a rip off of the Taiki, but I think done more minimal.
    I do not see this format as practical nor innovative, but good rendering practice. Period.

  • Pyung Kyu says:

    It’s well done. I loved the design. but the back wheel doesn’t seem nice to me. Most of countries has speed bumpers. In california there isn’t speed bumpers but in colleges or any mall.
    Except that, it seems so great.

  • IndustrialDesigner says:


  • Shik-kai says:

    Look at those nice pieces, they’ll break

  • h8er says:

    and what if i decide to go up a hill, or theres a slight divet in the ground, or you know…. a speed bump. this car is screwed in any of those situations……. TRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter says:

    If it goes over a speed bump, those back wheels will be destroyed…

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