The Wave Makes It Better

Wave Paint Bucket is a paint-can redesign that is done pretty impressively. What you have is a lid that is fashioned with a wave and the paint tin that features a groove around the rim. It’s been done before, but this is a refined version. Essentially, the groove kinda doubles up as a funnel to pour out the paint, the lid doubles up as a palette and the functional style of opening the can makes the whole user experience a lot better! Super!

Designers: Yin-Kai Lee, Fu-Yu Cai and Shuo-Ren Shy


  • Liondesign says:

    Vert nice

  • Rob Prickett says:

    Depending on how well your lid seals, you might consider how the can could drain excess paint from the valley around the opening. Whenever I have to do painting I use a small screw driver and hammer to punch holes – this eliminates excess pooling at the rim. Also, a more pronounced lip on the pouring edge would aid in eliminating runoff down the side.

    Good direction overall.

  • Steven Hsieh says:

    Its a great idea.

    But problem is the cost to manufacture it.

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