Must…Have…This… Bag!!

Totally had one of those “are you kidding me?” moments when I saw this! The redesigned Solid Gray backpack is a more rigid version of it’s slack counterparts. The futuristic, stealth-style folding bag is made out of PP-C and is extremely light and strong but is also flexible enough to conform to the wearers back. With clever compartments, secure spots for a laptop or tablet, and durability that will last a lifetime, it’s the only backpack you’ll ever need. Not to mention… it’s f&@%ing sexy!

Designer: Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving


  • anon says:

    Very nice! I would love to check this out in person- I wonder how well it would hold up with a heavy load, seems like it may deform.

    Love the subtle “SOLID GREY” branding.

  • Duncan says:

    Really unusual. I prefer a trabasack though. I like the built in lapdesk function. Thanks!

  • plaYer2k says:

    i still prefer my good old Boblbee megapolis
    hardcase, extremely comfortable, looks good, is water resistant … while i can patiently walk through monsoonal rain with a running laptop within my boblbee i doubt that this “metal gear solid” bag will withstand such a rain 😀

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