This Apple Watch band with two onboard cameras means your wrist now shoots photos/videos in 4K!

Love your Apple watch and want to upgrade its functionality to the next level? Meet this cool new camera feature coming along with a strap designed exclusively to house your Apple Watch. Called the Wristcam, the band features two cameras: an 8MP lens on the front and a 2MP camera that faces you when you lift up the wrist to see the watch screen. Interestingly, the Wristcam weighs only 23g but it’s the overly bulky appearance – owing to onboard cameras and battery – that may be slightly putting off for a few. But if you, like us, love the added functionality, there’s a lot that the Wristcam brings to the table!

Apple Watch is unapologetically the finest smartwatch you can own right now – more so if you can extend the budget to the latest iteration. Even if not, don’t fret, any model is equally good to work with the Wristcam. With all the possible goodness – health and fitness tracking and everything – Apple Watch cannot click pictures standalone, it remotely triggers the iPhone to pull off the trick. This is where the Wristcam steps in, giving Apple Watch the ability to click pictures by itself.

The front-mounted 8MP camera can shoot images in 4K resolution while recording videos in Full HD. The selfie camera can be used for video calling – or either camera for live-streaming. The Wristcam comes with its own 8GB of storage and a battery good enough for a day’s fun. According to the company, the Wristcam is water-resistant up to 1-metre, it connects to the Apple Watch over Bluetooth Low Energy, and with the iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Taking pictures and capturing videos is as easy as pressing the button on the band. For privacy, however, it has an LED light that comes to life when the camera is operational – a single flash indicates picture mode and continuous flashing means the camera is in video mode.

The Wristcam is not an official Apple product, but it has been recognized by the tech giant as “Made for Apple Watch Accessory” putting some weight behind its quality and security. If you’re sold on the idea of shooting photos and videos from your wrist at the next party with friends or on a jog to the park, you can pre-order the Wristcam for $299 now – it will be available in March next year with interchangeable color options including gray, rose, noir, blanc, and sage.

Designer: Wristcam

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