All-In-One Videography Tool

As DSLR cameras have expanded their use beyond still photography to high definition videography, so has the need for accessories that allow for a variety of movement when recording. The Indieshot DSLR incorporates a steadicam, boom camera mount for high shots, glide track for pan and push shots, shoulder mount, and tripod all into one compact, low production cost peripheral. It’s a one-stop solution for dynamic recording.

Designer: Grant Parrinello


  • moburkhardt says:

    cool idea, well thought out. pratical design.

    Great Work

  • Niels says:

    That’s brilliant! My first comment on the site here, I’m really impressed with this design! I guess the choice of materials will eventually make or break the usability of the real product since for most of the applications the smoothness of the movement is what could make it usable (right softness of the wheels, oiled slider, etc.). It will probably need some changeable counter weight for both the steadicam and the shoulder rig and since the ‘handle’ of the steadicam is quite wide it might bump into the bow quicker so the spacing would be important there. But if you thought up this design I’m sure those are easy issues to tackle 🙂 Really hope he gets his funding! Great work!

  • Lee says:


  • Pete says:

    This is really well thought out!!! Now, where can I get one?

  • If you are interested in news about this project or info of possibly purchasing one, leave a post here or on and I will forward it to the parties responsible for production development and marketing. Thank you for your interest!

  • Grey says:


  • La Tanya says:

    Please let me know when this becomes available, thanks!

  • Ralev says:

    nice concept,
    pity it’s not yet real 🙂

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