What Did Your Pet See Today?

Did your cat chase a mouse or a sparrow, did the doggy pee on your car tire or was it the tabby that scratched your new linen sofa? To answer these and many more questions we have the Pet’s View concept. It’s not entirely a new idea for a pet’s perspective camera, however I like it for plug and play USB integration. It will be interesting to monitor and catalogue what your pet has been up to all day (or night) especially when its gone forever…. leaving behind just these truth-tapes.

Designer: Jaehwa Lee


  • Josh says:

    Not to be a downer, but wouldn’t that just end up filming at a pretty hard angle toward the ground? Or be partially (if not completely) obscured by the animal’s fur?

  • Andrew says:

    Hi colleague, I like your project, but i have some points.

    1) I think the camera should be a little bit far from the animal’s body because the fur can cover the camera.

    2) The camera shouldn’t be parallel to the collar, or it could film just ground or sky because of gravity.

    3) For me, the aesthetic way that you use for the product isn’t the right for this kind of products, could be more organic in order to fit with the pet’s body and avoid injuring the animal.
    I also love dogs, cheers!

  • WeaselADAPT says:

    Nice idea. Poorly conceptualized.

    As stated by others, I would not get much from the “memory” of a jostling picture of the ground that my pet walked over. You might occasionally get some neat pictures (as the ceiling and your cat’s paws come into view as he wrestles with his favorite toy, or your hand), but otherwise, I can’t see how this product would ever deliver on any of its creators’/marketers’ promises.

    Furthermore, the promotional picture of the beautiful golden dog, with the camera/collar photo-shopped around its neck in a perfectly forward-facing position, seems to me to prove that the marketers fully recognized the fact that a real-life photo with the camera worn securely would too clearly highlight the product’s inability to live up to the claims.

    Sorry for being a downer, but I hate money traps!

  • Sara oh says:

    I need this one for my exhibition. i would like to introduce this product through my exhibition. Please answer me, how can I get this prodect…….urgent!,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • WeaselADAPT says:

    Seriously? Did you think it through?

    None of the cute pictures on this page, of the pet or of the pet with the owner, could ever come from this item as its attached to the pet, right? Because the camera looks outward (worse yet, downward) from the animal! Next, consider what it WILL take pictures of…the floor or ground the pet walks over, probably at an awkward, dizzying angle.

    Speaking of angle, the entire marketing ploy for this item screams “scam,” at least to me.

    I really hope you weren’t as excited as you seemed, Sara oh.

  • Sherry Z says ... says:

    So, how do I get this?!

  • B says:

    Please read posts above it can’t work the way it is shown. Take the money you would spend and donate it to an animal shelter

  • Lynn says:

    UGH..I saw the part where it says that he man is looking at the Pets View that had been put around the neck of the dead dog and I thought….what? Why would you put a camera around a dead dogs neck and then want to watch what it recorded? Then I realized what they were TRYING to say was that now that his pet has passed and he was missing him/her, he can go get the Pet View and watch it as a way to remember the pet.

  • Jay says:

    Hey, listen. Theo, uh, Walter.


  • Cill says:

    Hey, listen. Theo, uh, Walter.


  • Mathew Dover says:

    I’m still shocked at how you advertised this product!! Why does the whole ad talk about your dog or cat dying? Lol and pets out live a man by 3 to 5 years? Lol wow

  • jade says:

    how much are they?

  • Susan says:

    I’d love to see this adapted into a nanny cam for a stroller or car seat!!!

  • Sue says:

    I feel that the camera would have to be on the top of the pets head in order to take some reasonable shots. The camera around the pets neck would only look at the ground, his/her chin (maybe) at the photos would be jerky and blurred and would give any human a headache. Great idea tho’ but the GoPro camera does an amazing job attached to the backs of the pets on a harness. Too cool. I think You Tube has some video’s. The camera is not cheap but it works.
    Sorry but I could not support this one. 🙁

  • megan says:

    why on earth is this entire thing marketed towards the death of your pet? do you really think this device would prevent SUICIDE? what kind of marketing tactic is that? i get what you’re going for, but that is wayyyyy too dark. and a cat or dog is likely to live between 13-20 years… not 3-5 less than a human.

  • zander says:

    DUDE! I love this! I want to market this idea on my webpage. There are so many people out there who think of their pet as there own children. Yes, for the ones who don’t think like that they wouldn’t get this concept but I think it could be a possible winner. I would love to watch what in the world my dog does while I’m at work. I figured he just be sleeping but who knows. Very cool!

  • Rachel says:

    This was such a depressing article. I thinka Gopro would work better anyway.

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