Coffee Machine by Coffee Lovers for Coffee Lovers

When coffee professionals meet over a cuppa brew, to discuss and design a machine that gives its users complete control in their brewing, the result is bound to be astounding. Nordic electrical appliance giant Wilfa, the team from Designit and award winning Barista, Tim Wendelboe, came up with this radically new idea called the Wilfa SVART Manuell.

Svart Manuell is a manual ‘pour over’ machine, very similar to a drip coffee machine; the only difference is that you pour the water over the grounds yourself.

The team explains, “The funnel has a special flow adjustment that allows you to pre-infuse the coffee or increase the extraction time This allows you to make a perfect cup of coffee, just the way you like it. The kettle has a temperature control, so the water can be boiled for coffee brewing or heated to a lower temperature for other purposes.”

So coffee addicts, what do you say? Are you ready for some Scandinavian smartness?

Designer: Designit


  • ArtsyDesigny says:

    Wow. This is my next coffee “machine”.

  • godfroid Johan says:

    the arm is fine very nice but there is not any reason to have the kettle with it is my point of view i should separate the to project.
    The kettle where you choice the water temperature is on good idea and the filter is one other ideas. the two ideas are very solutions.
    (it is only my point of view maybe i m wrong)

  • mathis heller says:

    Back to basic, I agree

  • mathis heller says:

    .Back to basic, I agree

  • Matt says:

    It is interesting to look back at this. It didn’t really catch on despite how beautiful it looks.

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