Why this Thermoregulating Graphene Blanket is a Must-Have for Every Home

Rising electricity costs, power outages, extreme weather, these aren’t a distant figment of fiction anymore. Regardless of where you live, all of these are a reality, and sure, we can adopt new forms of energy and build more reliable power systems for ensuring our sustenance… or, we could just be very smart with how we leverage existing technologies to live our lives comfortably in an energy-efficient way. Meet HILU, a thermoregulating blanket that replaces the need for a thermostat or an air-conditioner. Made from graphene, one of the most highly conductive materials known to man, the HILU blanket thermoregulates you while you sleep. In short, if you’re feeling hot, the blanket cools you down. If you’re feeling cold, the blanket warms you up. The HILU blanket doesn’t run on electricity and doesn’t need plugging in. It can be used both indoors and outdoors… and the best part, it can thermoregulate in both directions at the same time, keeping you cool while keeping your partner warm.

Designer: HILU Design

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HILU graphene-made blanket adjusts to your body temperature so you can sleep all night comfortably, regardless the season.

The way the HILU blanket works is simple science. Given graphene’s highly conductive properties, it does a remarkable job of regulating your body’s temperature, helping you feel warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. The blanket detects your body’s own temperature, and either lets heat out or traps heat inside to help you reach an optimal temperature so that you feel comfortable all year round.

HILU’s fabric is crafted from pure graphene fiber, which is produced through a unique wet spinning process that dissolves graphite into liquid graphene crystals. These crystals are then dried to form the fibers, which are woven together using Adaptex technology to create a blanket that can sense and regulate body temperature. The blanket is also soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and OEKO-TEX100 certified. Additionally, the use of pure graphene fiber makes the HILU blanket highly durable and virtually tear-proof.

Made of genuine graphene fibers, HILU blankets are the strongest and most durable in the market.

The properties of graphene don’t just stop there. Aside from HILU’s borderline magical thermoregulating properties and high durability, the blanket is also hypoallergenic, breathable, and anti-bacterial. This makes it suitable for all skin types, keeping you comfortable through the year. The breathability ensures you don’t work up a sweat while you sleep, and the anti-bacterial nature of the fibers ensure that even if you do, your blanket remains fresh for weeks.

Unlike your cotton or wool blanket that can often get musty with time, the HILU has no such shortcomings, although it’s recommended that you machine wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low to make it last for years to come… a promise extended by even HILU’s makers with their staggering 10-year warranty.

The HILU blanket is available in both Queen and King sizes, with its signature satin-grey fabric (and comes with a free luxurious eye mask). You can choose a custom color for the tailoring, with options between grey, blue, or green stitching to give your blanket the perfect accent color. The blanket debuted earlier this year on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, gathering over $1 million in sales. The HILU team began delivering the blanket at the beginning of May, and you can grab yours now at a special discounted price (and claim the free eye mask) just for Yanko Design readers using the link below!

Click Here to Buy Now: Queen Size for $170 $300 (43% off) or King Size for $185 $325 (43% off). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers.