New, but not too special?

Here we have N.O.L Design Studios. A Japanese firm consisting of 5 designers who feel that their designs might be new, but they are not that special. I guess that concept will leave the consumer to decide their design’s fate.

Designer: N.O.L

For our first design, we have garbage bins that contain a double concept. As you can see, they each have a bull’s eye with different point values. This can create great competition in the company as points are awarded for each employee who can get their trash into the bin that gives the highest point value- A truly unique concept for keeping the office space a clean working environment.

We all know what mice like to eat. Cheese! An adorable idea to be placed on our office desks right alongside our computer mouse, is a cheese memo pad. Always losing that pen or pencil when you want to take a quick memo? Solution solved-place your writing utensil in one of the cheese holes so as to never lose your pen or pencil again.

Have you ever been in a situation where we aren’t quite sure what do buy the boss for Boss’s day or the secretary on Secretaries Day? Or maybe you are searching for a unique gift for that someone special, but are unsure of what to purchase? How about a plant? As boring as that may sound, N.O.L. has come up with a concept of a plant that is located inside a flower pot that can be written on. No matter what the occasion, you can write your well wishes to whomever you wish. A truly unique idea; one that can be cherished by the recipient.

Has anyone ever explained to you the dangers of placing magnets next to any type of technology? That we can short out a system if the magnet touches it? We wouldn’t dare purposely place any sort of magnet near our computers, what a fool to even think of such a thing. Well the jokes on you with the new design by N.O.L- the USB magnet. It is a USB device that is shaped and colored to look exactly like a magnet. I could only imagine seeing the look on the IT guys face at my workplace when he walks by and see’s a magnet sticking out of my laptop. What a truly fun concept and one that you can shock your co-workers and especially the IT guys with.

I think that N.O.L is selling themselves short with their design concept of “being new but not that special”. I think they have some really great ideas and ones that could liven up the office from all the seriousness.