Two Watches for the Price of One


A mechanical watch and a smartwatch may share the same primary function, but the intricate mechanism of a mechanical watch and the advanced technological internals of the smartwatch make the two products worlds apart! This leads to them being appropriate for very different occasions and both equally as desirable as one and other. But luckily, this rather suave device, Nymeria, makes owning the two products just that little bit easier!

The ingenious design allows the user to switch-out the face of the watch in order for it to best suit their day ahead. Both options have been designed in immense detail to ensure that the watch maintains the high-quality feel that we have grown to expect in both of these products; the mechanical option features a steampunk-like aesthetic, with exposed screws and industrial detailing, while the smartwatch features a clean, intuitive interface that has been adapted to work with the operation unit buttons.

This truly is a watch that’s fit for any occasion!

Designers: Yuriy Isaev & Margarita Kulesha for Loonar Studios