Electro-Kart Action

Unlike the conventional (and totally passé) gasoline go-karts, the ACTO kart is entirely battery-powered, and of course, boasts zero emissions. Its strong, feather-light, monocoque body has a playful, formula one-like aesthetic that places the driver in the center for enhanced ergonomics, excitement, and protection. Clean and fun!

Designer: Paulo Victor Santos


  • peter says:

    this thing will be in pieces after a few laps with the guys i race with haha. i had this same idea a few days ago, glad somebody’s working on this kind of stuff. i’ve only go kart raced a few times but i think electric karts are a good idea since you rarely need your top speed. the torque you can get from electric motors is a big deal, it would be fun to see an electric kart in action.

  • Juliana says:

    Amazing 🙂

  • Shiverbrains says:

    The back wheel cover would prevent the wheel from spinning if it gets even slightly dented.

    That’s why cars gave up that design feature and a go-kart should be able to run after multiple collisions. 10 seconds into lap one… game over.

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