Volkswagen Viseo

Marc Kirsch’s diploma project was created in collaboration with Volkswagen design in Wolfsburg Germany. A three-seat prototype car powered by an electric engine. The project was created considering the visual and conceptional influence of internationally renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Kirsch created a vehicle that enables a higher level of comfort whilst enhancing the driving experience and promoting ecological values. The target was to create a visionary concept car, shaped and based on the Calatravian motto of “dynamic balance” through the use of new technologies.

The popular shapes used by Calatrava are recognized in the design of the Viseo concept with a large glass surface area completely covered in a flexible OLED film. This guarantees an innovative safety and communication concept allowing the vehicle to communicate externally.

Designer: Marc Kirsch


  • andy says:

    wow… there is alot of detail in the design, it’s nice to see VW putting together something as classy as this…

  • Shaun says:

    well…that really COOL. I L O V E it

  • Superb vehicle showing some creative and innovative design .

    I can just visualize the G3 Creative Scotland managing director driving around in this.

  • aydın says:

    gercekten cok ilginc tebrik ediyorum…

  • aydın says:

    gercekten cok ilginc tebrik ediyorum…

  • pablo says:

    nice job! congratulations!

  • Clay Newton says:

    The detachable suitcase idea is pretty brilliant.

  • Sudharsan says:

    The Body styling is attractive. The detachable suitcase idea is good

  • Aron says:

    nice but how will you get in ?

  • comments says:

    so when i get rear ended the stuff in my suitcase gets crushed and my car gets f(#& up because there is no rear bumper beam. well on the upside at least my rear lights wont get crushed- – since there are none. fun to look at otherwise not applicable to current problems facing the auto industry

  • charity marces says:

    My god…This is currently the hypest vehicle I ever saw.. Those who designed this model is a high!

  • Willzville says:

    The design is okay, but the detachable suitcase is perhaps the most useful idea I’ve seen all week.

  • carl says:

    detachable suitcase could be a target for theifs. you would end up having your boot being nicked if it had the option to be detached..! do you have to detach it to just get in it every time? where would the numberplate be positioned? and yes indicators reverse light brake lights err hello reality check please//

    Plus the massive windscreen. anything more than a 5p sized chip and it has to be replaced. the cost of this would be huge? and yes fair point how do you get in?

    slide the screen back, open door get in close door slide screen back how? at least the glass can be recycled.

    jeez im not even a car designer… or in crazy concept land you just waste your time like this with your head in the clouds & just not thinking it through..

    • unknown says:

      The detatchable would have a f****** lock, smart one.
      And really, when do your windshield get a chip?
      People drive cars for decades, and they never get chips off the shields, pessimist one.

      • Nick says:

        well if u live in the country with gravel roads and your behind someone, be it a car, a tractor, or even a 4-wheeler, it is known that 4 wheel drive vehicles have bigger tread and can kick up the gravel. yes 3 cars I have owned have had a window cracked. one was even on the highway. @carl, good thinking, thumbs up to you. @unkown, dont speak unless you know, its called a pick lock.

  • Dan says:

    Thats cool and all… and the suitcase is an intriguing idea… BUT

    With all that glass, how are you supposed to get in?

    And secondly, if you chipped that windshield, how much would it cost to replace such a big sheet?

  • Justin says:

    This design is deffinately innovative, I like it alot, however practicality would be an issue.
    how ever with the majority of concept cars, companies only produce 1 maybe 2 of them to show what they are capable of, knowing that their design is highly inpractable they dont go into mass production.

    Beautiful design however I would prefer to have a boot to a suitcase, it would be more use. Chips on the windscreen can be over come by placing a thin protective film/coating over the glass prtoecting it.

    How do you get into it though? it would be very good if the glass was to pivate either forward over the bulk head of the vehicle, or backwards with the rear supports. As to the question of rear lights, these can be easily hidden either in the glass throuh fibre optics, or hidden in the rear detail line of where the suitcase is attached, or even take a desing idea from the BMW GINA and have the lights under the body work.

    This is a lovely design and my hat goes off to the person who designed it, I know how hard it can be to come up with acceptable concept desing, as i am in the industry myself.

  • Trish says:

    Now we know who the seisbnle one is here. Great post!

  • Trish says:

    Now we know who the seisbnle one is here. Great post!

  • Devin says:

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