Ultra-portable and Low-maintenance Folding E-Bike makes your commutes smarter and more enjoyable

Whether it’s because of traffic congestion, the rising costs of fuel, or a concern for the environment, more and more people are embracing more sustainable and more personal ways to get from point A to point B. Electric bicycles or E-bikes combine the best of both motor-powered and foot-powered worlds, and the ADO Air breaks new ground in this segment with an ultra-light folding e-bike that lets you travel with ease and fun. Featuring a maintenance-free carbon belt drive and weighing only 16kg, this unbelievable piece of workmanship proves you don’t need to compromise to have an electric bicycle that is powerful, safe, comfortable, portable, and a joy to use, whether you’re riding on it or carrying it up the stairs.

Designer: ADO E-Bike

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Unless you’re talking about large, professional bicycles used for sports and trekking, most city bikes are significantly lighter than their motorized equivalents. That’s only natural because e-bikes have the aforementioned motors as well as batteries to power the whole package. So while these electric bicycles are convenient to ride on roads and even on some rough terrains, they become a literal burden in places where you’d be forced to carry or store them, like on stairs, trains, or in trunks.

16kg Foldable & Portable – Can be lifted with just one hand and easily folds in just 15 seconds.

ADO Air removes this last bit of inconvenience with a design that is shockingly so light you might begin to wonder if it’s an e-bike at all. At only 16kg and with an easy folding mechanism, it takes very little work to fold the bike in half and take it up the stairs or store it in a car’s trunk. It only takes three steps to fold or unfold the bike, and you’re on your way to an effortless journey.

Carbon Belt Drive – Maintenance-free for 2 million cycles (2-30000 km), and will “unchain” you from mechanical noises or oily hands.

Smart Torque Sensor – Allows the bike to sense when the rider is going up or downhill and will adjust the power assistance based on the terrain and input from the rider.

Given its ultra-light body, it’s almost unbelievable that the ADO Air can pack so much power and features inside. Its carbon belt drive is guaranteed not to suffer metal fatigue, tested to be maintenance-free for 2 million cycles or 20,000 to 30,000km of travel. It also boasts a unique torque sensor system that makes sure you’re getting the most efficient motor assistance on any terrain. The built-in smart sensor not only detects how hard you’re pedaling but also the incline or conditions of the road. Based on these conditions, it will adjust the power assistance to either give you a boost or let you take control.

Long Range with Samsung Battery – A maximum assist range of 100km.

Smart APP – Enjoy the ride with smart navigation that will guide you wherever you go.

IPX7 IPS Screen – Easy to read at any angle, especially when it is raining or under strong sunlight.

ADO Air is also smart in other ways. Its IPS LCD color display gives you a clear view of important information and statistics from any angle and even under bright daylight. The display is also IPX7-rated, so you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining this important component of the e-bike. As expected, there is also a companion smart App that gives you a more detailed view of the bike’s information, including your riding time, distance traveled, and, of course, battery levels. More importantly, however, this app is also your gateway to after-sales service, getting you in touch with engineers to assist you with problems regarding your e-bike. There’s even a nifty ADO Lab 3D navigation that gives you an exciting tour of the ADO Air’s birthplace.

The e-bike isn’t just a technological marvel either. It’s also a shining example of excellent workmanship. Laboratory-tested to ensure the best quality possible, the ADO Air delivers not only power but also comfort and satisfaction. Soft padded seats protect your body from bumps and vibrations, while the durable pedals ensure that every movement is converted into power.

The three color options of Grey, Ivory, and Blue add a splash of vibrancy to the e-bike, making it a joy to look at as well. With the ADO Air Folding E-Bike, you get a no-compromise, lightweight, and powerful personal transportation device that lets you travel the way you want, whether it’s on wheels or carrying it around, all for an Early Bird perk of only $1,261 that’s a chunky 40% off the regular $2,102 price tag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1261 $2102 (40% off). Hurry, only 8 left! Raised over $440,000.