Non-Lethal Home Defense

I’m not a big advocate for weapon design in general, BUT this design aims to provide a non-lethal solution for defending your home when the security system and locks have failed. The weapon pulses and invisible laser that super-heats the surrounding air. The resulting plasma explosion delivers a swift kick to the intruder while electro magnetic waves induce temporary paralysis. OUCH!

Additionally, when the unit is turned on, an integrated camera and microphone feed to on off-site security center that will notify the police of an incident.

Designer: Isaac Richardson


  • Quintin says:

    Right, straight out of a science fiction movie.

    Is there actual science behind the techtalk?

  • Harry Roberts says:

    Is this product on the market? where can it be purchased – very smart concept.


  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s a smart idea, but it has serious potential for misuse. This is going to need a fairly complicated safety.

  • Denny says:

    Huh, interesting concept. I don’t know if any of the science fiction can be translated to science fact. I’d love to see some of the research and reasoning behind this design. Isn’t there something more efficient than a laser? How does a laser trigger an explosion? Do you know how lasers work? How do you know this isn’t going to kill someone? The balance between disabling someone and killing someone is actually a very fine line; even tasers are lethal (though phasers are not!).

    Just some of the thoughts going through my head. For all I know he has a very reasonable thought process for this. =)

  • Cameron says:

    This is the exact replica of the Concussion Rifle from Minority Report.

  • David says:

    This is based off of the miliary’s “pain ray.” Currently, an actual working pain ray can only be mounted on a truck. A hand held version of this weapon will take a while to develop.

  • Bob fisher says:

    This is just plain bullshit!

  • Hannah says:

    Is this on the market yet? If so how much is it and where can I find it?

  • moo says:

    So, it’s basically the “Minority Report” gun? Do we have such miniaturized tech yet for pulsed laser explosions/energy projectiles? Also, the camera bit made me think of the guns from the anime “Psycho Pass” (nice touch).

  • posilepton says:

    This is actually a legitimate design. I cannot remember who, but I have seen a working prototype demonstration on YouTube.

  • vickie says:

    I thought so too

  • dave says:

    where can I purchase this? How much are they?

  • Ramon says:

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  • Chemical Engineer says:

    Nope. An electto magnetic discharge would not cause paralysis unless it were a lightning bolt or something of high enough intensity to arc thousands of volts through the air and then into the assailant (that much power would probably zap the user of the gun as well). It’s a nice drawing, but the description makes no real sense.

    There are more technical flaws, but discussing one is enough.

  • Mary Lisee says:

    I would like to inquire how to purchase such a unit.

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