This futuristic fire mask uses 5G to guide you to the nearest exit!

Fire safety has been taken up a notch higher with Young June Kim’s Heart, a 5G navigation fire mask. In a future where innovation is supreme, and technologies like 5G will take over, it’s critically important for fire safety and prevention to be upgraded as well, and this is what Heart promises to do. Heart will be the fire mask of the future.

Designed to be stored in Emergency storage boxes all over buildings, with an attention-grabbing light on top, Heart will be easily accessible. On pulling out the fire mask, it will instantly connect with the 5G network within the building, and start detecting the exact location of the fire. You pull apart the fire mask, removing its case and swiftly attach the mask to your face. Removing the case exposes a soft cone-shaped element that covers and protects your mouth and nose from the lethal smoke. Lined with adhesive tape, the mask has been designed to ensure that it seals once it touches your face. This leaves both your hands completely free, and reduces the chances of it slipping off your face to nill. As the cone covers your mouth, the other red-colored end helps you navigate to the nearest exit. It functions as an interlocking lamp or projector, emitting a flashing light, and projecting the direction and the distance on the ground ahead of you. You reach the nearest exist within moments, and without inhaling any toxic smoke.

Kim’s 5G navigation fire mask can literally save millions of lives, and create a completely foolproof fire safety procedure. We can’t wait for such a game-changing concept to turn into a reality!

Designer: Young June Kim of Fountain Studio