Triangle Towers for iOS Connected Sound

There’s always a place in our hears for another speaker design – and with the letter “L” as well as a couple of pointy triangles on your side, you’ll be set! Designer Morten Gronning Nielsen presents nostalgic technology with contemporary aesthetics in a radio made to bring the past through the future while it blasts some awesome tunes along the way. Here you’ve got the radio experience with a look and sound combination which completes the radio in a way you’ve never had before!

This tech works with Airplay for wireless streaming of music, radio, or audiobooks from your smartphone or tablet computer, or you can rock the radio right out from the center unit, no extra gear needed. That bit of glass you see there in the center is a classic tube amplifier, the triangle tower speakers connect with this system as well.

Bust these little beasts out at a cocktail party which celebrates the A ClockWork Orange aesthetic choices and yours will be a choice never forgotten!

Designer: Morten Gronning Nielsen