Double Laundry machine for twice the sparkle

When it comes time to do the laundry in a house or apartment complex with multiple tenants living with or near one another, the idea that they might toss all of their clothing into one machine might never occur to them. According to designer Anthony Yu, its because of this situation that we waste a lot more water than we really should be each time laundry day comes around. The solution is one of multiple tanks and a smart machine brain which knows just how much H2O you need per load.

Why would I toss my shirts in with another random person’s pants if I don’t have to? With the Lavadora laundry machine, you’ve got not just more than one separate compartment for clothes, you’ve got a smart machine with an electronic brain which can tell how much clothing you’ve got in and how much water it needs to pump out. This machine also has the ability to filter and re-use water and has a fabulously easy-to-use interface to keep your clothes washing activities as simple as possible

Designer: Anthony Yu