Two Fingers Are A Charm!

Naughty minds can take a rest right now; the two fingers are for sticking into a shaving ring. The types that can help you shave in a jiffy. Mini Shaver is a small portable shaver that is worn like a ring on the index and middle fingers when being used. The grip section is lined with rubber for comfort and stability and the blades are replaceable. An ideal solution for on the go!

Mini Shaver is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winning project.

Designers: Chan Jeon, Heo Susun, Im Sungjin, Kim Sungeun & Park Cheolyeon


  • Daniele says:

    Perfect to cut your skin and to become contorsionist.

  • stuh says:

    seems hard to control the shaving angle

    and also means you have to take off the shaver,
    put it upside down when you shaving your chin
    that doesn’t make sense

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