A Carpet of Stones for the Sure of Foot

Designer Neora Zigler presents a carpet which is at once quite light in appearance but physically heavy to lift. Inside two layers of synthetic fabric are individually sewn stone pebbles, each of them hand-picked to create a bumpy platform for those that want to learn to think before they step. A sense of calm in your heart should arise should you get across this project safely.

The object of this carpet is to not necessarily hurt the person stepping upon it, but to make them consider each step as they take it. Should you have control over your feet and your body while traversing the Pebbles Carpet, you’ll have a soothing massage of sorts to boot.

Designer: Neora Zigler


  • Quintin says:

    At first I thought it was one of these carpets where the pebbles are made of felt. This is indeed different.

    I like the idea, is it really strong enough to walk on? (i.e. the fabric won’t tear and let the pebbles out?)

  • This is a beautiful concept. The texture and feeling are very well transmitted. I’d love to have one carpets at my place.

  • regulated says:

    What do you think this would look like after a years worth of dust and debris? I love the idea of conceptualizing for the purpose of design, however, unless I am missing something, we need to expect more from designers!

  • Jimmy C says:

    @regulated: How does any carpet look after a year’s worth of dust? I really think you’re overreacting, unless you don’t know where to get a vacuum or broom.
    Nicely done! Although it would be a pain to move. Maybe if you used foam instead of rocks?

  • Hunter says:

    Vacuums and brooms are designed with current carpets in mind. They’d be useless for this, with so many valleys and crevices.

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