Sticks of light save your snowbound night

For those about to camp in dangerous or otherwise unsettling environments, remember that you’ve always got LED lamps on your side. In this case is via Kairi Eguchi’s design LET Touch Stick, a device which breaks up into parts for easy carrying and otherwise provides solar-charged sticks of light for safety. These lights are able to stay on all night or blink off and on throughout the night so you can safely be rescued by the forces that be from your long-lost place of snow-bound camp.

This design is made to be both easily packable and easy to use in emergency situations. As Eguchi notes, you’ll want to leave the charging panels revealed to the sun all day long, then toss your lights out at night if you do so happen to come into an emergency situation. And for those of you looking to get some extra use out of these lovely beasts if you’re not in trouble – just flip em on in your tent!

Designer: Kairi Eguchi