Perfect EDDY Paper

EDDY or Electronic Drawings Display is a device that attempts to make a design office a paperless entity! Architects, interior designers and the whole clan rely on tons of paper for sketching to design execution, despite taking help from computer programs. EDDY uses e-paper mimics the qualities of paper as much as possible while still maintaining the powerful efficiency of a digital device.

The designer explains, “it stores and displays electronic drawings such as CAD and PDF files, over which the user can digitally sketch and mark-up with it’s touch screen capability and stylus. It is portable, durable and legible in sunlight for use in transit and on outdoor construction sites.”

Designer: Austin Inglis


  • Nathan says:

    this is a cool idea. I’d love to see this on my desk.

  • shrikant says:

    Very useful & environment friendly…

  • tristan says:

    please consider left-handed people since the unit body would get in the way (unless prints would orient whichever way like ipads)

    great design though. i believe we are getting closer to making this a reality compared to similar designs 10 years ago.

  • Skeptic says:

    Eco-friendly? As if this thing is made completely of recycled products, and is recyclable itself. Tell me, how long would I own this thing before the newer version comes out, forcing me to buy it and throw away the old one? At least paper is recyclable.

  • James says:

    Rather than a left hand design (as Tristan mentioned), why not just allow the display to be rotated?

    And @ Skeptic, really? What, you’re going to go get rid of your computer and switch back to regular mail instead of email, encyclopedias instead of google, just because your computer will go out of date one day?

    I think this is a great idea, props to the designer!

  • Logic says:

    Your opinion is not recyclable

  • Hunter says:

    While designing the product for left-handed users, placing a gyroscope and/or accelerometer within the e-Link paper would be very costly, if not impossible.

    You could put such sensors in the product itself (the EDDY); however once cut, torn, or otherwise removed from the EDDY, the paper would simply re-orient and be upside-down again.

    Therefore, to fully cater to left-handed people, the designer must produce TWO products.

    On a side note, an easy way to solve this problem would be to orient the product to portrait mode, positioning the EDDY ATOP the paper.

    Food for thought!

  • Thomas Steiner says:

    @hunter when you cut, tear or otherwise remove the E-Ink paper from the Eddy you have broken the device and are going to need a new one….

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