A Twirl (not twist) On the Classic Mixer

The Twirl hand held mixer is a thoughtful and intuitive redesign of the classic. A single dial controls OFF/ON functionality as well as the mixing speed to achieve the desired effect of folding, kneading, mixing, creaming, beating, whipping, or aerating. At rest, the mixer has a flat head that allows it to be put upside down over a bowl, ensuring that any leftover drops land back in the bowl.

Designer: Boaz Zemer



  • Maryline says:

    I like this. Anything that will make my life easier in the kitchen, and save me time I want.

  • Steve says:

    Wouldn’t torque be an issue with this? Since it doesn’t have two opposing mixing attachments like a conventional handheld mixer it will want to twist the handle in the opposite direction of the mixing attachment making it difficult to use on thick mixes. I do like the clean styling and the unique idea to flip it upside down to keep drips in the bowl, although that could also result in drips running down the mixing attachment into the machine.

  • Aliza says:

    Great invention! I would love to own one of those.

  • Jimmy C says:

    How amazingly ergonomic!

  • Boaz Zemer says:

    Hi Steve,
    In my design process, I researched and found similar single mixing blade/paddle commercial products, for example – black and decker’s ‘gizmo’. And even industrial mixers use only one blade.
    Regarding the drips running down the mixing attachment, though I didn’t test this thoroughly in the project’s timeframe, I tried to make sure that the attachment is in a low enough angle so that any drips will fall vertically and not run down on the rod.
    This may need tweaking if this product was ever to be made commercial, but it’s solvable.

  • adesignaddict says:

    but industrial mixers aren’t held by people, they’re usually standalone machines. think about mixing dough with your version, it would take quite an effort to keep it from spinning around it’s own axis.

    also, i would recommend putting the venting slots on the side and facing backwards instead of underneath the main body. this would eliminate the risk of fluids splashing from the bowl into the motor housing and electrical parts.

    other than that, nice idea, cool mockup.

    keep it up!

  • Boaz Zemer says:

    adesignaddict, you have a point regarding the venting holes, this gives me an whole new idea! 🙂
    Since the engine is designed to be put in the cone, the venting holes can be around the top rim, where the cone and the handle meet. That way it will also be concealed and neat.
    You are also right about kneading dough, this is a task for a tabletop mixer. It will be hard to do so with any hand held mixer, so this mixer is more fit to be used only with light mixtures.

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