Save your Microwave!

I don’t know if I’m just bad at making tea in the microwave, or if it’s a problem for everyone, but the walls of the inside of the microwave oven look like a Jackson Pollock painting in sepia. It isn’t just tea, pretty much any liquid dish you heat/cook in the microwave has a tendency to splash all over the place, and let me tell you those inner walls of the oven are NOT easy to clean, no matter what those life-hack Facebook videos tell you.

The Hover Cover is here to change that. Acting as a lid for all your spill/splash worthy items that go into the microwave, the Hover Cover sits on top of them, allowing the microwaves to work their wonders on the food inside, without having it splatter outside. The best part is the Hover Cover’s magnetic lid, which allows you to stick the cover to the top of the microwave’s insides when not in use (hence the hover). It almost makes me wonder, why don’t all microwaves come with their own protective Hover Covers?!

Designer: Allstar Innovations