The Four Concept

Four is a very stylized multi-touch AMOLED device that hangs on your wall, providing pretty pictures and sounds with a dash of functionality. The 145 x 235 mm device brings you weather forecasts, natural ambience, travel planning facilities and more. It is not a tablet or an attempt to put an iPad-esque clone on the wall, but an attempt to make the digitalized Mona Lisa on your wall do something more for you!

Designer: Marko Vuckovic


  • joe says:

    Oh, no video. Ok 🙁

  • Jimmy C says:

    These renders are very well done. I love that it uses up the entire front for the screen. I would actually like to use this as a tablet!

  • Nathan says:

    It’s ok, to say it’s a tablet. Apple always leaves room for improvement and this is a nice concept to fit that category.

  • Niclet says:

    Love the concept and the renderings. Very attractive. One thing, “france” is the country, “français” or “french” is the language.

  • Sabbu says:

    yes for sure its a tablet dosnt matter what apple say or?

  • Marc says:

    Wonderful, very smart

  • Hunter says:

    Not a tablet?

    Are you sure? It looks like one.
    A nice one, at that.

  • adebayo says:

    If this stylized multi-touch AMOLED device that hangs on your wall can also display calendar and time while have image as the background. Wao! it will make a lovely digital wall calendar. And I will be a Buyer and Seller.

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