Convenient Bottle

Convenient Cavity is a shampoo bottle redesign that allows you to pump out the liquid with one hand. The cavity provides and easy grip plus doubles up as a spot to hang the bottle from. And because of the emptiness in between, the pump’s pipe fits in the bottle at a slant, enabling you to extract all the liquid. Good for shampoo and any kinda liquid suds, if you ask me!

Convenient Cavity is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Miao Pengpeng & Xu Kun


  • Diego says:

    How do you fill it?

  • jung su kim says:

    nice idea…^^ but, Is uncomfortable with formal bottle of shampoo? Does not inconvenience typical shampoo bottle without grip. and..Bent the straw inside the bottle is not possible. also In addition, the bottle seemed to make on the tile to be put in a nail..

    but, Bottle shape is beautiful..

  • useful idea and original shape

  • steve toom says:

    nice one … it will take a team of experts to come up with this

  • Ingenious idea really. I could find many applications for this in my own house. thanks for sharing.

  • tardkiller says:


    there is no problem with original pump system.

    this just makes complications without really adding any benefits.

  • Rahul S. says:

    Nice idea but I think not practical to manufacture.
    1. How the plastic material would be blown inside from the very narrow openings while manufacturing?
    2. How we can achieve the inside slant base? By tilting the mould or what!
    3. 90 degree angle bend in actuator pump pipe may cause improper suction of thick liquid to nozzle.
    Anyways nice idea hope some chinese bottle manufacturer will overcome on these problems too!

  • ashish says:

    good thought…still some things to think upon…
    1) how a flat surface is supposed to rest on the nail? maybe you can provide a little grove in that surface or make flat nails 🙂

    2)if its hung already on the nail or against a wall, the space to insert your palm becomes smaller or less deep or whatever….

  • G says:

    haha , good question , I want the answer too

  • Eric Liao says:

    But I worry the production process will be the major difficulty.Special the bottom.

  • Yan says:

    er..i guess you misunderstand this concept…its not produced for the nail,its a shampoo bottle.

  • Hunter says:

    Seeing as most shampoos pour like that of syrup, it will not well travel through a straw, bent or not.

    The problem is not the bottle, but the shampoo.

  • loren says:

    We would like to buy these bottles for our products.

  • Did you ever get an answer – were to buy the product?

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