Trees & Fairytales

Gotta love the Tree Bookcase by Roberto Corazza! It breaks the monotony of classic horizontal shelving and provides a whimsical touch of fantasy when it comes to storing your books. Open on both the front and back sides, the single-cast, plastic case can be affixed to the wall or stand freely in the center of a room with accessibility from both sides. 

Designer: Roberto Corazza


  • Nathan says:

    Books are heavy.

  • jonny says:

    i worry about the weight of the books causeing the piece to compress. One could individually attach each section the the wall. Very interested in this product if it works.

  • Jerry Chang says:

    Very interesting concept!

  • beautiful, original but space consuming

  • Very cool idea. I imagine bright colors like the ones in the pics above would fit perfectly in any childs room. But darker colors could fit in other bedrooms in the house as well.

  • Hatillari says:

    I think this is the 20th bookcase tree i’ve seen

  • alec006 says:

    as I see you’ll need like 40 screws to fix it tight to support the weight

  • Roberto says:

    thank you very much

  • fong says:

    As a few have said, there’s no way this would be a free standing shelf. Books are very heavy and even a well balanced tree would fold under the weight. Also, free standing, in the middle of the room? That’s crazy talk. It’s way too shallow to not tip over front to back.

    As whimsical as this concept is, any parent would think thrice about having this in theire child’s room, let alone filled with heavy books.

    Last, as an engineer, I know what it might cost to cast (injection mold) something that big out of plastic. There’s no way they’d sell enough of these to justify the tooling costs, even in China. Maybe someone will build one out of wood, with a bigger base, and some kind of spine to hold the weight and bolt to the wall.

  • Hello,
    Thank you so much for your interest and for responding to this article.
    The thickness of the structure is 10-12mm and I do not bend to the weight of books.
    As rightly say, the structure in the center room needs to have a pedestal to be placed in the center of the room, and to prevent it from falling.
    The library, is supported in the center of the room, by a pedestal in transparent polycarbonate which is fixed inside the lower part of the stem.

    Thank you so much and i’m open to new suggestions

  • alec006 says:

    Roberto I think that you should work in a 3d version of it I would be more solid and also you can find a way to make disperse cubes with many books you need to do it and generate an illusion of fruits hanging on brenchs what do you think??

  • Roberto Corazza says:

    i think this is a good idea!

  • anna says:

    its very nice!! very cool idea. you can sell it?? how much is it??

  • jen says:

    Wasn’t this a concept that was designed by someone else a few years ago?

  • Roberto Corazza says:

    No, this is my concept of a bookcase
    noone has designed it

  • Julie says:

    I want a bookshelf JUST like this for my daughters room! How much would you sell one of these for?

  • Handoko says:

    How can it glow?
    are some LED lamp stuck on the desk?

  • Thordis EIk says:

    I think it´s beautiful, I would like one! Are you selling them? How much are they?

  • Roberto Corazza says:

    very soon will be produced by an Italian company
    stay tuned!!!!

  • alec006 says:


  • julian says:

    How much? and where can it be purchased?

  • Roberto Corazza says:


    “Tree bookcase” will be ready for the sale from January 2013.
    For any further information, send please an e-mail to: [email protected]
    You will promptly receive all information you may need and our best offer!


  • Salvatore says:

    Ettore Sottsass Jr made it better a long time ago…

  • Roberto says:

    Hi, New product available for you!!

  • Roberto says:

    Please, follow my page!!!

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