4D Table

Inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory on time as a 4th dimension, this table’s steel-mesh glass top represents the space-time continuum and the supports represent four vectors. Even if you’re not big on theories of relativity, there’s no denying that this design’s craftsmanship and cable-work are outstanding!

Designer: Axel Yberg


  • Srdjan says:

    Shut up and take my €

  • AKH says:

    I love this!

  • emmo709 says:

    Space, time blah blah – no

    Good design using tensegrity – yes

  • Jimmy C says:

    It kinda looks messy from the bottom, but this was really well crafted.

  • APH says:

    This table is fucking ugly, the concept is fucking stupid, and the circle-jerk that in the comments makes me want to find each and every one of you and personally deliver you a good bludgeoning.

  • Milos says:

    This is one of the rare times I am amazed by an idea. It is more an artwork than a product at the moment, but if there was less hardware store parts and more custom designed parts, it would be an amazing product.

  • Axel Yberg says:

    Thank you so much, Milo! The 4th Dimension is a one-off and, like all of my other pieces (please visit http://www.akkefunctionalart.com), I’m exploring different materials and techniques. I am, however, developing a small-lot line (www.akke780.com) that will have a broader appeal.

  • Axel Yberg says:

    Ha! I’m glad I elicited such a strong response from you. My intention is to inspire and/or provoke. Mission accomplished!

  • Axel Yberg says:

    The provoke comment was directed towards APH.

  • Axel Yberg says:

    Srdjan, write the check to Akke Functional Art. Seriously, if you’re interested visit my website and contact me directly. Thanks!
    Thank you, AKH!
    I apologize Milos for missing the s the first time. Thanks again!

  • sean says:

    very engaging design and wonderfully executed. only negative, is i would like the table top to extend outward beyond the “legs”. also, is there any movement or “give” when pressure or weight is applied to the top, downward?

    • Axel Yberg says:

      Hi Sean. Thank you so much for your compliments and I appreciate your critique. If you visit my website (www.akkefunctionalart.com), take a look at Bo Biddley (in the Commissions collection); the glass on that one does extend past the legs. Also, the geometry will change slightly depending on the downward pressure and the tension on the cables — or significantly, in the case of Pigeons Nest; when it’s picked up and there is no downward pressure, the legs can flop around. However, if a fourth cable is added from the top of each leg to the bottom of the next leg — opposite direction of the existing one — then, the table becomes locked in that position. See Ken Spot (Potential for Collapse).

  • srnejad says:

    Although the complexity seems a little useless, the creativity is enough to love this piece.

  • Axel Yberg says:

    Thanks, Srnejad! I probably do have to work on my editing, but I’m still in the early stages of this and am exploring different design elements.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @APH: What is wrong with you?

  • MARIO C says:

    This is more art than function, there is no right or wrong, not pretty or ugly in art!

  • Hunter says:

    Looks great! But it’s not 4D.

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